Monday, March 7, 2011

The Merfolk of John William Waterhouse

Waterhouse (April 6, 1849 - February 10, 1917) had the perfect name for painting mermaids.  It's as if he were once one of the kings of the sea; the dry land couldn't keep the water out of his blood, nor the salt from his veins.
     He was a painter of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood; a brotherhood comprised of poets, critics, & of course...the painters...

A Mermaid; 1900 Oil on Canvas

A Naiad, Hylas with a Nymph; 1893 Oil on Canvas

A Mermaid Study; 1892

The Siren; circa 1900 Oil on Canvas

Circe Invidiosa; 1892 Oil on Canvas

The Lady of Shalott; 1888 Oil on Canvas

Miranda, The Tempest; 1916 Oil on Canvas

Undine; 1872

Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus; 1900 Oil on Canvas

Lamia; 1909 Oil on Canvas

Danae; 1892 Oil on Canvas

Ophelia; 1910 Oil on Canvas

The Charmer; 1911 Oil on Canvas

Miranda; 1875 Oil on Canvas

Ophelia; 1894 Oil on Canvas

Hylas & the Nymphs; 1896 Oil on Canvas

The Merman; circa 1892 Oil on Canvas
This last painting, they say, was a self portrait of Waterhouse himself.

Two very wonderful websites for more of Waterhouse:

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