Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Herbert James Draper & His People of the Sea

Herbert James Draper (1863 – September 22, 1920) was, according to wikipedia, an English Classicist painter whose career began in the Victorian era & extended through the first two decades of the 20th century.  Wikipedia: Herbert James Draper.  Also, according to me, he was just darn good!  
     Draper, like Waterhouse, must have had some salt in his blood as well.  Here is a fishy selection of his water-creature paintings.  Not each mermaid pictured has her silvery tail, never the less, mermaids be here.

Ulysses & the Sirens; 1909 Oil on Canvas

 Flying Fish; 1910 Oil on Canvas

The Sea Maiden; 1894 Oil on Canvas

The Foam Sprite; 1895 Oil on Canvas

Study for The Foam Sprite; 1895 Oil on Canvas

A Water Baby; 1900 Oil on Canvas

Calypso's Isle; 1897 Oil on Canvas

The Lament for Icarus; 1898 Oil on Canvas

Halcyone; 1915 Oil on Canvas

Sea Melodies; 1904 Oil on Canvas

The Kelpie; 1913 Oil on Canvas

The Water Nymph; 1909 Oil on Canvas

The Pearls of Aphrodite; 1907 Oil on Canvas

The Naiad's Pool; Year Unkown

The Bather; 1896 Oil on Canvas

By Summer Seas; 1912 Oil on Canvas

Ariadne; 1905 Oil on Canvas

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