Monday, April 4, 2011

The Mermaid, a tone poem by Alexander Zemlinsky

Alexander Zemlinsky (October 14, 1871 – March 15, 1942) composed  Die Seejungfrau, "The Mermaid", sometime between the years 1902-1903.  And I can only imagine he did so after having been submerged in Hans Christian Andersen's deep, blue fairy tale about his "Little Mermaid".  In some ways she is really where all mermaids begin & where they end.
     Really, I know little about the life of Zemlinsky, having only just now discovered his musical ode to mermaids, but I do know that there is something wonderful about a man who would give a little mermaid her voice.

I swear I hear pieces of his composition in the music of Disney's version.

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