Friday, April 8, 2011

Sade, No Ordinary Love

Sade is a vision in full mermaid regalia in her music video for No Ordinary Love.  It was released in 1992 on the record, Love Deluxe & won itself a pretty, little Grammy. Her tail glistens & shimmers in the light shaft; if only I were a better seamstress!  I think I could just die for that tail...well, if dying were painless & I was able to resurrect myself like Jesus Christ.  I digress.  Still, sequins are a girl's best friend.  ;)  Also, Sade certainly has the hair even a mermaid would envy!  My sister loves her music & she kept telling me, "You have to hear it!", something to that effect.
     This video, having won me over, however, I first discovered on the blog (fantastic blog about mermaids, I might add!), The Lost City of Atlanta.  If only other artists were so creative when formulating the concept of a video.  So, here is the video itself, courtesy youtube, & screencaps of the truly fancy fin!
     All sirens sing.


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