Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Life Beneath the Briny Sea, the Life of a Mermaid For Me!

Life Magazine mermaids; for all those mermaids out there who love life!  :D

 Emmett Watson; August
(This is the one that always hung on the wall in our kitchen when I was little)



Beware of Submarines; April 19, 1917

July 7, 1921

Click the links beneath if you'd like to see some more Life mermaids!-couldn't post them on Melusina-Mermaid, because of the watermarks.  Anyway, they have a lovely site chock full of vintage magazines.

Period Paper Mermaid, Life 1919, illustrated by Otho Cushing

Period Paper Mermaids, Life 1919, illustrated Paul Goold

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