Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Merman & the Figurehead: A Christmas Story

This is an old book that I discovered on one of my long, late into the night, forays for more mermaid lore. 
     It was written by Clara F Guernsey (Octorber 1, 1836 - June 20, 1893), published (in the copy I have here, for your reading pleasure) in 1871 by J B Lippincott & CO.  And I really do mean to read the sucker one of these days...I have such a terrible time when I try to read anything online.  Hopefully you don't have my problem with the non-physical book.  I may have to get my grubby, little fingers on a hard copy.
     Why is it subtitled, A Christmas Story?  I haven't he foggiest clue.  Sounds Dickensian.  It looks delightful! 
     Perhaps here, the merman, though he tends to hide in waters more shadowy than the mermaid, will be revealed.  Tell me, won't you if you manage to finish it before I do, let me know how you like this merman.

     Read a short, internet biography on Guernsey, here.

     To the read, The Merman & the Figurehead, click, here.  The book can be read online or downloaded, for free, onto your digital, reading apparatus thingy...which I obviously do not own, being very old school & all.  ;)

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