Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sabrina Down Under

Could you use some super cheesy 90's-ness, with a merman named Barnaby, a talking cat named Salem, & a witch named Sabrina?  Of course you could! 
     This was a movie (to use the term loosely), I watched...several years ago now, it seems.  It was based on the tv show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, quite popular in it's heyday...well, not that it was that long ago.  It starred Melissa Joan Hart (of course) & the movie is possibly more cheesy than the tv show was.  ;)  Still, you might enjoy the silliness, if you're the sort of person who does not always need to take your television too seriously or if you have small children.  And it does fall under the mermaid category. 
     Eventually, I do solemnly promise to add the better, mermaid movies that I've seen.  This one just happened to pop into my head at random, so here are the youtube videos, thanks to some kind 'youtuber'.

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